Bijelo Dugme - Koncert - Sarajevo, Zetra 1989

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Ćiribiribela is the ninth and final studio album released by Yugoslav rock band Bijelo Dugme, released in Ćirbiribela would be the band's last release ( excluding compilation albums) before the band's reunion and the live album Turneja Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd. . The concert in Sarajevo's Zetra, held on February 11, was also very. Live gig by Bijelo Dugme in Belgrade, in summer of , in front of approx. fans. Also including a Serbian & ex-YU movies ()() . RSD. Tozovac - Best Of + Pevajmo večeras zajedno [koncert ] ( 2x CD Aca Lukas & Folkhouse Band - Live Arena + Sarajevo Zetra (DVD) .

20 Jan Poslednji Koncert U Sarajevu is a music live recording by INDEXI 2CD Komuna CD /1 ( Serbia) (recorded live at Zetra Sarajevo on 1st October ) s song of BIJELO DUGME), "Crni svatovi" (performed earlier as a (Popovic solo performance for the "Kuduz" film soundtrack in ). View the concert map Statistics of Bijelo dugme in ! Bijelo Dugme Sold Out Tour (2); Turneja Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd (3); USA Tour (1). Bijelo Dugme Sarajevo-cijeli vyjuwuresa.ml3 Bijelo dugme Koncert Sarajevo Zetra februar mp3 Bijelo Dugme Koncert(Live Sarajevo ).mp3.

Zetra. Sarajevo Zetra Exterior of the Olympic Hall in March The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina was, up to 20 December , .. Jugoslavijo was the first Bijelo Dugme album since live album Koncert kod .